AI4AGRI, Romanian Excellence Center on AI for Agriculture, aims to boost agricultural productivity and sustainability in Romania by leveraging AI and Earth observation (EO) data. Partnering with top research institutes in France and Italy, the project will train young scientists, provide EO-based vegetation maps to farmers, and enhance research and innovation at UTBV. Key activities include joint research, staff exchanges, training, and outreach.


  • Align UTBV’s research with EU excellence.
  • Develop young researchers through networking.
  • Enhance UTBV’s national and international reputation.
  • Strengthen research and administrative skills at UTBV.
  • Foster new AI and EO approaches for agriculture.


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AI4AGRI collaborates with top research institutes in France and Italy, enhancing research excellence and fostering strategic networking activities.

Our partners contribute significantly to the project’s goals, ensuring cutting-edge AI and EO applications for agriculture.

Through joint research, staff exchanges, and expert visits, we aim to elevate UTBV’s research profile and capabilities.


Our extensive collection of journal and conference papers covers topics such as soil roughness estimation using deep learning, hyperspectral image visualization, and multisource remote sensing data analysis.

Explore our work and discover how AI4AGRI is at the forefront of transforming agriculture with cutting-edge AI and EO technologies.